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About Us

About ACEF Enterprises

One Company

One Team

One Goal


We are a unique company that offers a change in the way medical billing is done.  Rather than traditional third party billing companies who provide you with limited options, we custom design how you want your billing done. We bring over 30 combined years of experience and knowledge in billing, coding, and insurance collections. We specialize in using different systems to achieve the highest results for each individual practice, group, or facility.  


Our experience comes from having worked with major health plans, from processing claims to working with hospitals and physician offices. We bring in different skills in billing, coding, and collections to get the job done. We understand the importance of providing quality healthcare, along with the business dynamics needed to cut costs. 


We know what it takes to bill accurately the first time and producing clean claims. We have experience in successfully reducing denials, aging accounts, and creating a positive cash flow by identifying Key Performance Indicators through Revenue Cycle Optimization. Our biggest advantage is the talent we recruit enables us to provide quality billing services to any provider or organization.  We invest in our employees to help create an environment of ownership and teamwork.  

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