Chronic Care Management

We implemented Chronic Care Management in several physicians offices long before other billing companies started getting into this space.  Unlike most billing companies that charge 50% - 60%, we offer rates as low as 15% - 8%.  We do it through physician engagement and we teach our physicians and provider clients on how to implement it the way it should be.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring is the wave of the future in healthcare.  We began researching this in 2018 when CMS first announced this new program. We created our a compliance chart for every scenario according to CMS guidelines.  We researched everything from billing to implementation from a physicians office to home health and other possible avenues where RPM can and could be deployed.  Most important we've billed successfully and have proof of concept.

We understand the FDA language and requirements for wearable devices as well as putting together a compliant billing platform that meets the guidelines to adequately capture the minutes and standards required for RPM. ​

Choose us as your billing partner for CCM and RPM.