Our Team


Ernest C. Sari, CPB

Certified Professional Biller through AAPC, with over 20 years of billing, coding, and collections experience.  Ernest started in 1998 as a claim examiner and worked his way into hospital billing and collections industry. Ernest has trained over 250 employees in billing and collections.  He helped start multiple practices that became very successful.  His expertise and knowledge helps us to connect with our clients and bridges the learning gap for our success.


Account Managers

At ACEF Enterprises we believe in empowering our employees to be the best that they can be.  This starts with allowing them the autonomy to grow and develop in their careers.  Each of our employees are all account managers thereby eliminating allocating of tasks that is traditionally done by middle management.  Our company is defined by our long term objectives that guide our employees in the judgments they make about the commitments they make for themselves, their colleagues, and our clients.  By highlighting our company goals we create a beacon for employees to contribute in a freer manner.  Strategy is founded on a single mission rather than a lengthy and complicated process. 


Emma Grace Sari

Experienced in multiple medical fields, Emma has developed organizational skills that enable her to communicate with clinical staff and understand processes that help our provider partners to accurately translate clinical information into our billing system. Her ability to adapt with billing systems and provide templates for our providers enhances our ability to bill claims efficiently and accurately the first time.  


Medical Billing Team

Our Medical Billing Team focuses solely on every aspect of the billing, charge entry, clearinghouse, and coding. This allows us to have a focused and dedicated team that understands, troubleshoots, and uploads charges timely and accurately.  

We have scaled to every project and have been able to meet the highest volumes required by any of our valued clients. 


Alex Ocampo

Alex has over 20 years of experience in Home Health & Hospice.  His proven success in owning and operating several companies in medical billing has helped guide us in the right direction.

The degree of knowledge he has transcends to our clients in both clinical and practical applications for day to day operations. His ability to troubleshoot and determine the best options for practices helps us build and find the best solutions for all of our clients.

Collections & Follow up Team

Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of revenue cycle management is follow up and collections.  We have a dedicated team that focuses solely on follow up and collections.  They work closely with our billing department to help identify errors and denials that could negatively impact revenue.


We have a dedicated credentialing department that has helped numerous start-up providers and new practices to get on the map.  We have helped providers obtain Medicare numbers, HMO Contracts, PPO contracts, and other credentialing needs.