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Medical Billing

Our Billing Model


Our Billing Model is very simple.  We build your billing for you.


The healthcare industry is changing and value based payments as a Medicare model by 2020, providers will need to adjust to the changes.  Stricter guidelines from the government and mandatory reporting of quality initiatives and audits have taken away profit margins that were already thinning.  How do solo providers survive? How do physician groups survive? The answer is to find a partner that will enable you to meet all the requirements that the government and the healthcare industry is implementing.


ACEF Enterprises works as your partner to help you run billing exactly how you run your practice, simple and uncomplicated.  Your billing model will be built on practical solutions that will enable you to track your revenue stream.  We help guide you through the process of staying compliant in all our billing platforms.


We help make your billing successful, no matter what system you decide to choose.  We know how providers struggle between clinical and administrative duties and our model is to make sure you have control of your finances without having to manage it.  We are a network of experts in your field of practice and we provide a one-stop shop solution to all your billing needs.

Billing Programs

Currently our clients use Office Ally, CollaborateMD, Kareo, 

E-ClinicalWorks, Practice Fusion, and a variety of other platforms. 

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